Nct reaction to you turning them on

His reaction to you wearing them: He would love how up to date and cute you were. he can’t help his body’s reaction to you grinding on him. “What, you’re going to tell me that I’m wrong? What good has she done for us? Look at the two of you. “Had your fun?” he smirked, getting hold of your hands and lifting them up to your head. NCT Reaction [Part Three]- Finding a Chubby/ Curvy lady, Hot. Nct 127 reaction to sayint something hurtful in a fight Taeil. this is major fluff! I wanted to experiment with fluff instead of the super dark theme of my account titles. Scene: You’ve been having a really bad day and things just seem to be getting worse. — So when you ask him if he wanna try it, he wouldn’t hesitate to say yes. Request: “Hello can I get a NCT 127+kun reaction to the dom!reader refusing to touch/talk to them because they flirted with another girl thank you so much love your blog by the way ” Nct 127’s reaction to their s/o being stressed out. Originally posted by nctaezen. Taeil: So while on a first date with Taeil, you were nervous as hell!!! So as you were looking over the menu you would start humming while trying to decide what to get. Thanks to the person who requested this. “You have really soft lips. NCT OT21 Imagines- He chooses another girl over you. ” Yoongi (Yeon Ki Min): “Didn’t I tell you if you keep — Once you’re finished, he’d be pulling you to the bedroom so you can start cuddling already. he takes a paper towel and  18 Sep 2018 Can you guys forget that I am friends with nct and talk to me like how you would do with a normal human I want a normal life please can I get  16 May 2018 NCT 127, one of the most popular new boy bands, offers some clues. BTS reaction: You comforting them 😢 (Hyung Line) Hyung Line • Maknae Line JinDespite the stress, packed schedules, dance & concert rehearsals, Jin was trying his utmost best to remain strong and not nct dream reaction to other members catching you two kissing request: Hi! 1) your blog is fucking amazing and i love it 2) sorry for cursing 3) Could i request a nct dream reaction where the other MONSTA X REACTION : Turning them on Thanks for requesting! Requests are open ♥ Turning you on (here) Warning: Smut - I originally wanted to make it soft smut-ish but I got carried away after kihyun so NCT 127 - When their girlfriend ignores them after they flirted with another girl. BTS reaction to their S/O calling their name multiple times and saying ‘I love you’ BTS reaction to their S/O being cuddly. Oct 24, 2017 · nct 127′s reaction their boyfriend looking really hot and accidentally turning them on [m] im leaving out the innocent kids when i do smut posts a. BTS reaction to their S/O (the reader) being pregnant. " The song was released worldwide Friday and leads their Regulate album, an Nct dream reaction to kissing their s/o for the first time? Here you go, anon! Honestly, this was sooo cute to write, thank you for your request! :3. You were trying to make it as obvious as you possibly could without telling Jongin. i knew this because ty has been revealing himself more and more out of his shell and i definitely wasn't the only one noticing by the looks of other girls. their reaction to their boyfriend looking really hot and turning them on [m] their reaction to their boyfriend surprising them at their dorm after a long day with their favorite food [f] You felt the tears fall from your eyes and Johnny lean down to kiss them away. he smiled, kissed your forehead gently, and continued walking you towards the exit, careful not to jostle you. You could often feel the warmth of his heart as he hung out with all of those boys. Originally posted by njmaerd. Because you are being blinded by feelings you trying to suppress! You want an advice oh mighty Lee Taeyong ? Get your shit together, or you will not only lose your empire, but all your friends. He would approach you slowly but the second his lips meet yours, he would let himself fall and deepen the kiss without even noticing himself. If you readers ever want a part two to Nct Dream you tell them to shut up then kiss them during a heated argument renjun every fiber of his being fights against him raising his voice as you throw baseless argumentation at him, making it NCT Dream “You use them as a pillow” Mark: This baby would be so soft and embarrassed at the same time. NCT Dream’s Reaction to Their S/O Being Shy. ” He would say with his eye smile. johnny: Originally posted by monamourbebe. You thanked Taeyong for 'protecting’ you and made your way to Jaehyun’s room. Request: Hi so I’m still new to NCT but I was hoping if you’d do the boys reactions to something or how they’d take care of things for me? Nct Reaction: to their girl group trash gf (Hyung Line) Taeil: he would wake up and realise that you weren’t sleeping beside him so tae would walk out of your shared bedroom to find you in one of his You were kind of afraid that your neighbours would hear it but at the sametime part of you wanted them to, so they knew how good Kun was to you. - i hope this is what you wanted, sweetheart renjun : he’s not that super tall also, but he feels kind of responsible for you. Requested 💜 I kind of changed it to the significant other being shy in social events so it has a plot. Suddenly, you (stranger), angrily step up and defend for them. after getting to know taeyong for a while now, he was the one who was definitely more attractive. ” “Thank you!” he exclaimed, jogging back to the car as you shut the door behind him. doyoung , doyoung is too soft in my opinion , Request: Nct U 2018 reaction to you being scared so you hide behind their back . All lights were off and everyone was asleep. A/N: The request didn’t specify which unit they wanted me to do and I didn’t want to do every NCT 127 Reaction to their s/o hugging them from behind and whispering “I love you” for the first time when they don’t normally start skinship. He definitely didn't waste a second once you came over. NCT Dream Reaction To A Fan Seeing Their Hickeysa/N - i pretty much did this with the older member seeing them lmao but ig ive done it again pairing - NCT Dream x Reader genre - fluff ig Renjun - Nov 23, 2018 · K-pop boy band NCT 127 returned on Thursday (Nov. You’d coughed loudly, making sure Jongin was watching as you covered your mouth with your left hand. to your house when you got them done. i won't reveal the order now, but it is posted on my twitter if you're really curious to know. pushed you against the door as he crashed  19 Dec 2018 NCT REACTION to you pulling them close by their belt pt. NCT 2018 Reaction To You Wanting a Puppy …. ” Donghyuck motions between them. “Hyuck?” You questioned softly, turning your head to face him comfortably as you decided it was best to directly push back against the seemingly proof-less doubts in your mind. Bts reaction when you're having sex and your 3 year old son cames in and ask what you guys are doing Anonymous said:Bts reaction please when you’re married while having sex you’re 3 year old son came You ate, danced and talked together until they met up with some boys they knew from class and became occupied. NCT 127: Their S/O Finally Snaps. He had friends. As you pulled away from your first kiss Mark’s shoulders would hunch and he’d tilt his head forward, a happy little smile on his face. Jun would try staying neutral but would ending up turning into a ball of squish. ” With that, you slipped your shoes back on and left them  10 Sep 2016 If you want a reaction from them too, please request this again. ~Masterlist~ TAEIL . (Quando você lambe/morde eles quando você tá querendo dar) Taeyong: I feel like Taeyong have a lowkey bite kink, so it would turn him on so hard that he would wreck you in half. it’s not something he usually minds though, since he understands that it’s not on purpose (and it tends to lead to something more ;D) but if NCT 127 Reaction to you catching them looking at another girl (Quando você pega eles olhando para outra garota) Done! ♦Adm Nu♦ Taeil: *makes a lame excuse* “I just wanted to see how I could curl my hair like her!” // *faz uma desculpa pobre* “Eu só queria ver como eu poderia enrolar meu cabelo como ela!” MASTERLIST. NCT Reaction: Their S/O getting body shamed by haters. Taeil: It was your first night together and he woke up before you did. Mark NCT's reaction to you (their crush) turning into their shoulder/hiding behind them/grabbing their hand while watching a scary movie with the rest of the group. Request: Could you do a nct 127 reaction to their s/o fainting from stress? A/N: i changed it up a little because i think the members would not have much differing reactions to you fainting,, so i hope you don’t mind! also this is similar to this reaction Nct reaction to s/o having chronic fatigue syndrome, they called her lazy and more horrible stuff but they didn’t know she had chronic fatigue syndrome Thank you for the request @kpoploveri I’m Nct 127+Kun,Ten's reaction to their s/o cuddling with them Request: Hello~ Can I have a reaction from 127+ Kun&Ten to when their girlfriend is being super cute and loves cuddling up to them just nct 127: reaction to you being vanilla (anonymous) - “nct 127 reaction to you not liking rough sex & being more into vanilla sex? idk i rarely ever see this concept bc most people only write them as ppl who only ever have rough sex and i hhh :/ don’t rly like rough stuff so i thought i’d send this to you since you’re looking for rqs! tysm, i rly love your writing so far :) ” You get to go to award shows with NCT and you get special seating with them instead of being in the background with the other fans ; His parents love you ; NCT loves you but they get jealous easily because Lucas obviously gives you as much of his time as he possibly can Hello! Can you do a nct reaction to their best friend playfully spanking them awake?? If you’re alright with that lol thank you (it felt weird with the dreamies so I left them out please understand) Taeil: Awkward, giggling mess. Hendery. Genre: smutty-ish, gender neutral 「 Jaehyun 」 He’d be so happy you brought this up. Read nct 127 ; reaction from the story ✧ nct imagines ✧ by parkexlo (rex) at him from the last prank he pulled on you. can i request an nct 127 reaction to their ex gf performing a song about them, like shoutout to my ex, new rules, or some Adele song? Sorry if you don’t listen to Western pop lol. is frustrated that you’re being a bad girl/boy and he can’t skz-nct reblogged this Read NCT 127 Reaction To You Suddenly Kissing Them from the story imagines nct by -yellowmilk (ᴬᴿᴬ) with 5,224 reads. And when you got to the club, there was only four members in the club, and one of them was Yuta Nakamoto. Taeil: He was the type that would get NCT REACT: To your ex threatening them to break up with you. EXO reaction to Kyungsoo and Chanyeol switching personalities Anonymous said: Hi , can i please get a Nct 2018 reaction to jokingly refusing their s/o's kisses and backing up everytime she tries to kiss them. Ty couldn't be seriously. You knocked once before opening it and seeing him lying on his bed. Taeil. NCT 127 Reaction to meeting/asking out their famous crush HEYYYYY sorryyyyyyy for such a long hiatus a lot has been going on with life, one being the fact that both my laptops are broken. Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact: Hello, could you please do a NCT reaction to their girlfriends ex telling NCT to break up with her in a threatening way, like “break up with her or you’re gunna get hurt” kinda thing. Taeyong-He’d understand why you didn’t like them as the noise was one of the things that scared you. 12 Jul 2018 Just thinking about it turned him on so much. EXO reaction to waking up to 100+ missed calls from their mum. You were looking for the after school club that studied mythology and ancient history for extra ciriculum. · Smiles like an idiot the whole time. ↬ you’re too short to kiss him [nct 00 line]. NCT 2018 Reaction To The New Female Member Being a Sassy Assassin …the first one like…threw itself away…fun times fun times…so let’s do this again! Make sure to read note at end and send in nct 127: reaction to you being vanilla (anonymous) - “nct 127 reaction to you not liking rough sex & being more into vanilla sex? idk i rarely ever see this concept bc most people only write them as ppl who only ever have rough sex and i hhh :/ don’t rly like rough stuff so i thought i’d send this to you since you’re looking for rqs! tysm, i rly love your writing so far :) ” Can you do seventeen's reaction to you rolling around in bed, twisting and turning into the weirdest positions (because of god damn period cramps)? (Totes didn't get this idea cuz just spend the last Request: Can I please request for a NCT 127 reaction to you humming one of their songs on a date? A/n: I put a different song to each member, hope you enjoy! Masterlist. anon asked: can you do a stray kids reaction where they see you rubbing the top of your ear between 2 fingers when you can’t fall asleep and you tell them why you do it nct dream reacts: their s/o hugs them in their sleep. ” I nodded as I crossed my arms motioning for Ravi to continue as he took a deep breath in and out pacing a few steps to the left, then to the right muttering how he would do this. Everyone singing backstage. Jun/Junhee: Originally posted by 93sehyoon. It was like any other day you guys were out at your favourite cafe drinking the same old drink except one thing was different… Clothing he’d get you: Adidas shoes does that count as clothing?? . When you BTS reaction to their S/O being super innocent ~ requested by @sugas-illegirl ~ Seokjin ~ It was late at night and all you did was sit on the couch comfortably, your boyfriends arms wrapped around you He finally fell back towards you, turning around so that he could catch himself while you both fell towards the wall. You must have been exhausted because you woke up oof can you write kinks of nct members, but without the underage ones? Lee Taeyong ⇢ Any sort of restraint or restriction. NCT Reaction: you’re related to another member . “Okay, tree time!” Johnny exclaimed, making all the kids cheer as they looked around for the decorations they liked in the various boxes. ^^. You ate, danced and talked together until they met up with some boys they knew from class and became occupied. Taeyong- It was late at night. ATEEZ Reaction: Things you do that turn him on (M) Originally posted by jungwooyung - gifs are not mine, credits to rightful owners - English is not my first language, so please let me kindly know if I did a mistake “Stop,” He mumbles, looking at you for a second then turning back to the movie. 22) with a music video for their brand-new single “Simon Says. You bit your lip tightly as you felt your orgasm hit, Johnny grunting as you tightened. and he promises himself that next time he won’t get hard. Or else he was ready to fight anyone for you. Your sleeping face was the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes, and immediately started smiling. Feeling out of place, you tried to find a secluded place to sit and wait on your phone until they were finished. I honestly don’t even know what came over me, but I mafia!nct u - you catch feelings for them; a/n: i’m in love with BOSS alright / also i changed the request just a little bit so it wouldn’t be as repetitive…i hope you don’t mind! request: (2018 members) mafia!nct u where you start to catch feelings for them during or after an arranged marriage . Note: poc girlfriend. i just couldn't believe it. Jan 31, 2020 · You grin at his reaction, turning yourself over onto your back. I see him as a rigger, buying handcuffs, leather collars that he can tug on, nct dream reacts | you randomly kiss them. EXO reaction to you laughing at horror gameplays. As I said…I am experimenting. (Hyung Line) A/N: okay so i was actually planning on not making this for the maknae line but then i got ideas and so i am still writing it and like you’ll see Exo Reaction to their GF saying 'I love you' in a really cute way whilst having sex. Johnny leaned up, kissing you to subdue his own moans as you pumped him through his orgasm. Donghyuck busies himself with sucking hickeys into your thighs while Jaemin licks up your slit, dipping his tongue into your entrance before lapping at your clit. You usually don’t bother him while you’re both working but near the edge of containing your emotions you spot him a little ways off and run over to him post haste. If you can’t don’t sweat it. Although you two were dating neither of you said the L word yet. and you sat there with him, making a fool out of yourself as you munched on a bag of chips, spilling them nearly all over the couch “you know, mark, are you even allowed to eat this much shit?” mark just shrugged “honestly, i don’t think so, but i’m gonna die anyways so. Jul 15, 2019 · Kpop Debut Song vs Song That Blew Them Up vs Most Popular Song Boy Group Vers. You will lose yourself “ she said before turning around and going back to her initial spot, wrapping her jacket around her body securely as she sniffed. hellooo! could you do an nct dream reaction to their crush having to flirt someone for a challenge or just a bet? I hope this is what you were looking forward to! If not, feel free to message me so You find yourself to be quite wrong when you feel his hand shift under the blanket before resting itself upon your thigh. you want to take a jar of jam? here you go — renjun’s gonna take it from the shelf. It was like any other day you guys were out at your favourite cafe drinking the same old drink except one thing was different… NCT 127 reaction to them saying something hurtful to their s/o during an argument. Anon: Hello~♡ Do you think that you can do a NCT U/127 reaction to their crush sneaking in their bed and cuddling with them because she can’t sleep please?^^ I’m sorry if you’re busy, you can take your time to do it, I will wait all my life if I have to :) I just want to say that I really appreciate your blog anyway, I’m always happy to see a new notification! 26 Jun 2017 NCT Hyung-Line - SM Rookies. Apr 22, 2018 · I really love your writing!! Could you do a NCT 127 reaction to their s/o overstimulating them?? Pretty pretty please?? ️ Johnny/Youngho: Originally posted by bambamisaboomyinmypants. 2Lucas Seeing him doing such thing turned you on to death and felt the need to  25 Jun 2018 Nct 2018 legal line reacts; you wearing short shorts “Requested: nah A/n: So You giggled at the feeling before turning around to face him. They think she'll just give up on trying to kiss them Request: NCT reacting to you having a talent Part2I apologise for doing this so late but i hope you enjoy the second part. A/N: I’m going to warn you now guys…this is just pure smut. BTS Reaction to Falling in Love With a Fan While on Tour JinKnowing that fans would be following them around everywhere, Jin would just hurry past all the crazy fans trying to keep his head low. shortstory, marklee, winwin. Watching them get ready for a show. Most He scoffs, turning his attention to the two boys. When he realizes your hands were moving a little too much under the NCT Reaction:You breaking up with them. Leaving light kisses on your inner thighs then small licks on your clit but when the lust takes over, he will most likely lick and suck on your clit - inserting a finger or two for more simulation. NCT reaction to you finding out that they only started dating you because of a bet. You requested on my exo account but I’m posting this on my multifandom reaction account, I hope that’s okay! Sorry! NCT U {Baby Don’t Stop} reaction to you saying you love them. They are described as having an unlimited number of members. Suggestion: ‘I dont know if i need to specify this or not, but i will just incase (reaction for nct 127) where you’re both on the crowded train and you’re back into him and your butt is pressing into his crotch and your just friends, but he has a crush on you pls? Jun 02, 2017 · NCT U reaction to seeing their S/O sleep next to them. Seventeen´s reaction to they walking on you naked & dancing Seventeen´s reaction to you walking on them naked & dancing Seventeen reaction to another member hurting his girlfriend EXO reactions: OT12. His face immediatly changes from anger to sad when he realises what he said; Sighs and looks at the floor before slowly walking over to you and hugging you their reaction to their boyfriend taking out their contacts for the first time because they feel insecure about their heterochromia eyes . OOH OOH can you do an nct reaction to their s o faking their own death to escape them??? Warning: not proof-read If you’re sensitive to yandere, stalker, kidnapper themed scenarios/reactions then DO He remembers that you said how you weren’t being bullied anymore, but by your reaction, it was obvious that it was a lie you told him. BTS reaction to accidentally saying something hurtful to their S/O Sep 18, 2019 · NCT Dream Reaction to you being clingy when tired Renjun. NCT Reaction: They See You Wearing Their Clothes Taeil You fell asleep in the boys’ dorm, Taeil carrying you to his room in the middle of the night. Originally posted by nctmark-archive Read NCT Dream reaction to you bringing them a puppy from the story NCT imagines by sanhaology (Emma Charlotte) with 952 reads. Notes: i will be breaking this fic up into chapters, with each chapter corresponding to whatever alpha is currently having their turn with taeyong. Jun 12, 2018 · · Tries to act cool when you cuddle him at the couch, after you fell asleep during movie marathon, · Slowly will wrap his hand around your waist and pull you close acting cool. You were at home on the couch, finishing one the scariest movie you ever saw, Taeyong knew that you did not like this kind of movie but you insisted in watching it knowing he really likes this movie. BTS admiring you and you’re pregnant belly. Anonymous said: NCT react to you, him, and his mom choosing for a wedding dress and you choose a simple one and when his mother asked why you answer "because it's easier to strip off" without Seventeen´s reaction to they walking on you naked & dancing Seventeen´s reaction to you walking on them naked & dancing Seventeen reaction to another member hurting his girlfriend EXO reactions: OT12. “I’ll make snacks,” you said, kissing Johnny’s shoulder. God, the duality of this man. ” Xiaojun laughed again, “Of course, princess,” he said, his voice light, smile widening when you squeaked in surprise at him coming to hug you from behind. NCT Members Profile: NCT Facts and Ideal Types NCT (엔시티), an acronym for ‘Neo Culture Technology’, is a new boy group concept. nct's voices betraying them for 6 minutes | Reaction - Duration: 8 NCT U React to You Not Liking Yourself. A huge group of boys from a large age group, who supported him. A. anon asked: hi hello, this may be a weird and oddly specific request, but can you do a reaction where their s/o is really loving, affectionate, and attentive, but loves writing stories/songs and/ or playing video games to the extent where they completely ignore them when doing said activity because they get so into it? also i hope Anonymous said: Hey! Could you please do a NCT U reaction to their girlfriend being really small (4'9"/149cm to 5'0"/151cm) and also how they would react if they found another member teasing you about nct: their s/o tells them they kissed another person while they were on tour. Just a kid, trying to put the pieces of his heart back together. You knew they spoke occasionally. You hesitated before opening the door to find Jaehyun sitting with Jungwoo, on the floor talking. not requested this is part 2 (Yuta, Doyoung, and Ten) gender neutral sorry if there any slip ups though Of course, nct nct 127 wakey wakey johnny jaehyun jungwoo taeil doyoung haechan mark yuta donghyuck taeyong nct reaction nct reactions nct meme what is jaehyun in crop top johnny's wearing a wig i can't even grammar what is happening we know where all our wigs went to johnnys stylist eye-also it was a surprise wth sm mine NCT Reacting To A Member Walking In On Them. Or maybe both your daughters were angels. You walked around the whole house, turning your head in every direction to find a place best fit to be alone. You watched as he slowly began to eat less and stay out more. EXO reaction to taking care of their gf’s dog; EXO reaction to you turning into a zombie; EXO reaction to you cheating them with Amber from F NCT Dream Reaction To Getting Caught Being Intimate/Cuddly With Their S/O a/N - yall have no idea how much i love dream, 4/6 of my nct biases are in dream dfhkfv pairing - NCT Dream x Reader genre - nct reaction | realizing they’re crushing on their close friend You had been friends for a long time, maybe not best friends, but you were very close. He was The public didn’t know about you and Jaehyun, and no one planned on them finding out any time soon. Mark. Jin: “What are you-” *breaks out into his weird but adorable laughter* “Stop- (Y/N)” *continues laughing* “You- and I-” *laughs together* You smiled, wrapping your eldest daughter’s small fingers around the bar, “did you take one for Jaeun as well?” Jina nodded. Please feel free to request the rest of the members if you want them instead) •Ten: I think he would be *Kinda NSFW oops* NCT 127 + Hansol, Kun and Johnny reactions to you licking/biting them when you’re in the mood. Upon no reaction from you, Jae takes it upon himself to slide his warm fingers up to the hem of the skirt you regret wearing. your twin brother: Jungwoo “Hyung!” Jungwoo gasped. You cross your arms and huff, knowing that it won’t get anywhere. At first you started bobbing your head along with them. ~ Haechan: Haechan stopped right in his tracks once he noticed that Johhny and Jaehyun were talking to a screen with another person on it. EXO reaction to surprising their S/O on their birthday . GOT7 reaction to waking you up with oral //smut, mOrE smut, nSFW WARNING-Mark: He would gentle at first. k. He’d let you cuddle up to him on the couch since you’d both been watching a movie. With your wedding ring on it. Suggested: 'Could you please do a NCT Reaction where you accidentally turn them on (or sth like that) when  31 Aug 2017 NCT 127 reaction to you taking their sweater because it smells of of his sweater, he'd blush profusely and turn away before you spotted him. he made you think that you and him " stand still" Taeil says before turning on the sink. You choose not to look over at him this time, which was the wrong move. The ones that have been super popular recently, white with black stripes. EXO reaction to taking care of their gf’s dog; EXO reaction to you turning into a zombie; EXO reaction to you cheating them with Amber from F(x) NCT 2018 Reaction: You are crying because of something cute [[MORE]]Taeil: Today was a day where you both were free and could spend time watching the Korean Drama “Goblin“ at home together on the cozy Feb 22, 2017 · You just have to believe me because you asked for answers and you do deserve to know what went down in the hall earlier. “I think it’s about time to go come back home. "no way," I nervously laughed. TAEYONG johnny bristled when you didn’t respond, turning his head to look at you, but his eyes softened when he caught sight of your face, eyelashes curled softly against your cheeks as you slept. NCT 127 reaction to you teasing them around the members [[MORE]] Taeil: It didn’t take Taeil long to know what you were doing. Your eyes were wide as you felt his breath on your cleavage. Anon: Hello~♡ Do you think that you can do a NCT U/127 reaction to their crush sneaking in their bed and cuddling with them because she can’t sleep please?^^ I’m sorry if you’re busy, you can take your time to do it, I will wait all my life if I have to :) I just want to say that I really appreciate your blog anyway, I’m always happy to see a new notification! Seventeen reaction to you accidentally turning them on. Jan 25, 2019 · You yelped as somebody caught you by the hand and pushed you against the wall in one of the alleyways. You woke up on the dorm couch alone with the movie now watching you. I think he would just turn around to you, eyes widened with shock and not quite able to believe what just happened. You wanted to thank them for cheering him up. When he was young he didn’t really notice it, in Dec 19, 2019 · nct dream react to you being shipped with another member; R E N J U N “Have you watched our SM Station yet?” You excitedly ask Renjun. MAFIA AU. nct dream // superpowers au not only is this ridiculously long, it’s also extremely overdue sO the rest will be under the cut :)) mark • POWER MIMICRY • now u might be thinking: ”anna what the heck is MASTERLIST. He stands up, carefully holding onto your legs to keep you stable and at this height you can grab the chips no problem. His breathing was deep as you wrapped your hand around him again. but he always does. If i havnt replied to you requests sorry my inbox broke and so most of the messages from before 2017 were deleted. you’re his little lady, so he wants to protect you no matter what. Thank you :))) plus they would want to see his reaction to them telling you about the crush he had on you; I mean the whole group knew just how much he liked you; anytime you were on tv he’d be watching so attentively ; he was just a big dork and with a bigger crush on you; so while Lucas was one of the last ones to get ready backstage Reaction #6: His reaction to you kissing his neck SeokJin (Genie): “If you keep doing that Jagi, i’ll just have to show you what i’m capable of. NCT Dream Reaction: Seeing you sleep in class Mark: -i think mark’s initial reaction would be “same” because let’s be honest our boy’s gotta rest -but then his leader instincts would kick in and he’ll Nct 127 reaction To when their s/o is afraid of thunderstorms. You panted as your back hit the wall, the man fell straight towards you, he pressed both hands on the sides of your head so that you were locked in between them. You start to point out their good things and want that person to apologize. “Can I have an NCT 127 reaction where their s/o who is usually very nice and kind of a pushover goes off on someone out the blue one day? Originally posted by nct-trash. You rub your eyes confused wondering why you’re alone, because you swore you fell asleep in Renjun’s arms. All of them having an amazing time. NCT U reaction to s/o flinching during an argument He said while turning your head and gave you then your kiss. requested by @nctverse: it works now!! i love your writing huhu~ can i request an nct dream reaction to you randomly giving them a hug or a kiss bc your a lil clingy? thank you!! “No,” you grumbled from the opposite end of the couch, turning your back to him and giving him the butt, as if that were some sort of punishment, “you come here. stray kids reaction: s/o ignores them when doing an activity. he knew you would do this - you always do this. 「 taeyong 」 NCT Dream reaction: Their crush asking them to dance even though she’s usually shy and doesn’t talk much. It was pretty late when Mark got home. // Eu sinto que o Taeyong tem um kink secreto com NCT REACT: When you run to him for comfort. You felt Jaehyun stand up from the sofa but he said nothing. Anon: hello! can i request a nct u reaction to their s/o having a bad day? like how’d they comfort them? thank you Thank you for the request, I hope it lives up to your expectations! I really need to cut on the number of words I type though, it literally drains me lol Seventeen Reaction to: You Turning Them on Unintentionally in Public. warnings // mentions of cheating. Taeyong: You were at home, watching a film when he suddenly turned  16 Jun 2018 NCT U REACTION TO YOU WEARING A BATHING SUIT TAEYONG turning into a light pink as you're talking to him and unintentionally being  nct dream reacts to you falling asleep in class You merely shook your head 'no' as you turned away from him again, determined not to let him see you cry. The extra height allows you to see over the aisle shelves and you notice an older woman, dressed in staff uniform pointing over at you. Astro Reaction: To People Denying Their Interracial Child Sure thing, sweetheart! Sorry that I have taken so long to do this. Have a great day love! ps:I am sorry that I’m chaning it but i couldn’t think about the other memebrs so i did it with NCT U Sep 02, 2019 · nct is a multilingual mess Reaction - Duration: Aussie line turning stray kids into aussies Rich Pop 4,978 views. ” You struggled in his grip but there was not much you could do in this position. After he pulled back you could see his cheeks turning red. This cute boy!!! Doyoung — You’ve only been dating for less than a year and been with him in bed for only a few times because of his busy schedule. By the time you turned to look at him he was already turning the corner to his room. EXO to finding out out their S/O is pregnant but you didn’t tell them . I hope you like this one, the next member to look forward to is Jaehyun. 4 Apr 2018 Yuta quickly turned around, eyes wide, “wait, Y/N, no—” you cut him off, “don't bother. He thought you just hadn’t gotten back yet so he went in the living room and turned on the light. Sighing, you turned off the TV and headed over to one of the SM buildings where NCT’s practice room was. Uhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm what do you think you are doing????? Who do you think you are??? ~Jeonghan, DK, Woozi, Vernon, Dino, Joshua, Seungkwan Oh uh Can you do all of Nct reaction to you kissing them while they're talking? BTW I love your blog! Thank you! :) Thank you so much for your support Hansol He would either be totally flustered after you Nct 127 reaction To when their s/o is afraid of thunderstorms. E “You kiss them in front of the other members” Ask: Hello its so hard to find ace stuff, could you do ace reaction to you Kissing them in front of the other members, thanks . He wanted his friend to meet you because you were an important friend just like them, his best friend, and he wanted you to feel comfortable with them as well. Anonymous asked: Bts reaction of you having a weird laugh like jin's laugh or jhope. Anonymous said : I’d like to request nct u’s reaction to you not liking yourself , thanks. Like which ones would be super impatient and they devour you when they come home? Or which ones would tease back (like secretly take a dick pic and send you one)? You just kept noticing every single detail that before you didn’t make a big deal about, like the fact that he looked so hot and unperturbed while fighting someone and easily stabbing them, but then when you two were alone he was a cutie and one of the biggest goofballs you knew. Except for you and Taeyong. Taeyong Nct u reaction to you being loud in bed Nct reaction to you being loud in bed (I just did nct u. It’s the first time you’ve been able to perform with your boyfriend - and his members - and you loved every second of it. · Wrapping a blanket over you, being protective and caring. You’d grabbed your fiancees hand with your left one and placed them in front of Jongin, showing him the rings. “You’re best friends, practically soulmates, and what’s the first big fight you get into? You’re really going to argue over her?” stray kids reaction: s/o rubs top of ear to fall asleep. Sitting next to winwin watching all of them singing and dancing around you two. he would feel all movement in his body stop, and you’d hear nothing but silence filling your home. Mark wasn’t one for a lot of skinship, especially not in front of his teammates but luckily it Nct Reaction: Yuta as your boyfriend . You and your boyfriend broke apart, “I can’t believe you lied to me” he scolded with a frown, leaving the room quickly. 10 Nov 2018 NCT 127 (Legal Line) Reaction to You Telling Them You're Horny ~ A/N Immediately is turned on, he's ready to give you what you want. Jun 26, 2017 · Reaction To You Accidentally Turning Them On In Public NCT Hyung-Line - SM RookiesSuggested: ‘Could you please do a NCT Reaction where you accidentally turn them on (or sth like that) when the other Taeil: tries to distract himself from his growing hardness. He knew if this was too much you would use your safe word, you had used it once before so he was prepared if it came again. NCT Forgetting Who They Are Reaction!! my favorite nct AUSSIE LINE TURNING STRAY KIDS INTO AUSSIES REACTION! NCT 127 react to you playing a prank on them. NCT 127 reacting to you cuddling them in your sleep. nct u reaction Jun 18, 2019 · NCT Dream (+ Mark) Reaction: Having A Crush On You “Requested: Nope! ~Requests are always open~ -Now officially writing for NCT- ” Mark Lee • Poor boy is super awkward around you 55% of the time. Nct Dream Reaction To You Wearing Their Clothes (OT7) Mark. a. All the lights were turned off and it was super cold in the apartment. Unedited. Although just about half the girls on the planet wore them, he’d think they suited you especially well. 13:46. Like which ones would be super impatient and they devour you NCT 127 (reaction to you being in a rival Mafia 4/10) A/N: As promised here is Yuta’s. and we use those inspirations to turn them into our own ways, we're . a/n // it was getting a little too fluffy round’ these parts ahahhhaha. You wanted to join them, you wanted to have fun too. You chuckled, “I’ll drop them back later. renjun, jaehyun, chenle. Reaction To Their Friend Accidentally Turning Them On NCT 127. Taeyong. You two have been having a day of fun. “Go on then, you have them,” you kissed her head, watching her run over to her line, waving at you and Jaehyun. (Part 2: Jaehyun-Hendery) Jaehyun: You knew Jaehyun and his ex ended on good terms. Jaemin and Donghyuck grab a leg each, Jaemin the first to lean down to get a taste. C. For a moment, he gave you no reaction, simply remaining with his eyes facing forward and blankly staring at a wall on the further side of the dinner hall. Keep reading Can I please have iKon reaction when they are at the convenient store with disguise and hear someone talks bad about them. ” humor was laced in his voice, but you found none of it. Requested: i love your account so much :( can you please do a reaction with the dreamies where they come home late from work anf s/o hugs them in their sleep? i hope this makes sense!! Oouuu ouuuuu can you please do nct 127 reaction to the s/o constantly teasing them with naked pics during practice/work. Anonymous said: Oouuu ouuuuu can you please do nct 127 reaction to the s/o constantly teasing them with naked pics during practice/work. Feel free to request as it makes me happy knowing you guys like my content:) The boys would have to cheer on him and push him slightly in your direction. a blush crept up my face at his answer. I hope you enjoy this, please comment or let me know abck if you enjoyed this :) I do apologise this had taken some time but it’s not been forgotten. NCT 127 reaction s/o giving them a lap dance pt2 (maknae line) Sweet boi - Chevy. NCT 127 reaction to them saying something hurtful to their s/o during an argument. Mark Lee• Would notice and start giggling. I am immensely busy and have a lot of personal things happening. You sigh as you swing a leg over one of his shoulder’s and the other leg follows easily. . You don’t usually request something so boldly and without regrets, so when your voice breaks through the sounds of the movie Hendery looks at you–a smirk playing on his lips. First meeting. bunnynamja requested: You do reactions too or just scenarios? If you do reactions can you do one for nct 127 (nine members) when they are having sex with you and other member enter in the room?Sorry my poor english… Request: “Hi! Could you make a reaction to NCT when their gf kiss them for the first time?” Taeil: “W-What was that for?” He wouldn’t know how to react but he would make his confusion obvious. nct reaction to you turning them on

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