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Navtronic is an electronically developed version of the jumpsuit in the Eastern Black Sea region.

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It is the bag that provides the carrying and protection of the e-overalls.

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It is the part where the Nav part is attached where the playing action is performed in the authentic tulum instrument.

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General Information

‘The most important purpose of producing Navtronic "Electronic Tulum Instrument Instrument" is to support and spread the existing culture with the authentic jumpsuit instrument.
The Authentic Tulum Instrument By This:
• By acting as a cultural ambassador in many fields both at home and abroad, it will become more known and become widespread.
• Without saying men or women; It will be ensured that children, the elderly and all individuals with breathing problems learn easily.

Device Features

• If desired, the external sound of the device will be cut with the headphone jack and only the performer will be able to hear it.
• Thanks to the jack input, it will be ensured that a higher level of sound can be obtained by connecting to amps and similar sound systems.
• Thanks to the on-off button, the device will be switched on and off easily by holding it down for a few seconds at any time. After the device is turned on, it will be enough to touch the on-off button for sound activation.
• When the device is active, it will be sufficient to touch the On-Off button momentarily to turn off or activate the sound without turning off the device during playback.
• Speakers display
• Keyboard, clef keys notation

Using the Menu

• The menu has 5 stages and the menu key is also the selection key. The first press of the menu button allows the selection of the mode or mode, the second press the tone, the third press, the off-on mode, the fourth press, the chip mode can be selected as right-left, and at the last press, the volume adjustment stage can be passed.
• Pressing the note keys in the menu will exit the menu.
• The notes printed during playback are displayed on the screen.
Thanks to the enriched menu option;
• The volume can be adjusted, the volume can be increased or decreased according to the demand and environment.
• It will be possible to perform a piece in different tones and maqams, thus, it will be possible to perform a piece in harmony with different instrument instruments.


• The "Uşak" mode of our device reflects the original mode and sound characteristics of the authentic jumpsuit.
• If you want to connect to the device, amplifier or similar sound systems, a stereo cable must be used. Otherwise, the left or right keys of the device will not work, and the sound will be one-sided. Suggested; They are stereo cables with one end single and the other double jack.
• There is no difference between the authentic overall instrument instrument and the Navtronic electronic jumpsuit instrument in terms of shape, playing technique and note sequence. Whoever steals one of them will be able to steal the other without any difficulty.

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The most important purpose of producing the Navtronic 'Electronic Tulum Instrument is to support and popularize the existing culture of the authentic jumpsuit instrument.