About NavTronik

Our Mission

In this process in which we live in the age of technology and electronic models of many instrument instruments are made, as a company, we designed Navtronik, the electronic model of the Authentic overall instrument instrument, which is considered one of the important values of our region and our country. By carrying out TÜBİTAK Teydep Elotek 1507 R&D project, we successfully took our prototype and started the production phase.

Our Vision

As Arnena company, we want to achieve useful and successful works not only in the field of music, but also in many different fields, by focusing especially on R&D studies. We aim to make "Navtronik", our main product, the electronic jumpsuit instrument, more preferable in the world music market by further developing it. We want to contribute to the economy of the region and the country by being a leading company in the production and sales of other musical instruments needed in this field.